“Our goal is to create sustainable end result in the agricultural and mineral mining sector overtime.”

Welli Farms Limited is all about making a substantial impact on Nigeria’s agriculture with sustainable farming practices amongst its small-holder farmers. We approach sustainability from three perspectives – Economic, Environmental and Social.


Our sustainable farming practice promotes environmental sustainability, which have long-term economic benefits for rural communities by protecting soil health and reduces water pollution. Our sustainable farming help preserve natural resources and support local ecosystems. We utilize practices that enable us to maximize bountiful harvest from each land we operate on. Our company drives on a zero-waste scheme which entails that every product we manufacture has a use case.


Welli Farms Limited operates a long-term sustainability approach. One of the greatest benefits of adopting a sustainable farming approach is the ability to conserve water. At Welli Farms Limited we ensure efficient irrigation systems, careful measuring of water use, recycling water, capturing rainwater, and treating grey water are just a few of the activities our sustainable farmers do to improve their use of earth’s most precious resource.


One of Welli Farms Limited misses is to create sustainable income through the promotion of sustainable farming practices and by our collaboration with smallholder farmers to expand the status of farming in Africa thereby improving communities and the economy.